Marriott Speaks Green Soon

The greening of the hospitality industry is about to take another huge step forward. Marriott will be publishing their environmental policies on their website in the fall of 2008. And each hotel will be allowed to list their specific green actions. Up to now the only awareness you might have of their policies or attitudes is in some articles or press releases, and on individual hotel websites. This will further the environmental movement in big ways.

In attending a conference on internet marketing I had the pleasure of meeting a representative from Marriott. He was a nice guy and pleasant conversationalist. And he had a bit of great news for me, for all green travelers.

Marriott is adding a page to their corporate website outlining their environmental policies. That page should be available for the public in the fall of 2008. He further stated that individual hotels will be allowed, encouraged even, to discuss their specific environmental policies on their Marriott internet pages, not just their individual home pages as is presently done. I was beside myself with excitement.
When researching green hotels the biggest challenge I face at is gleaning from the hotels’ websites what green actions they take. In the early days of by database development I found Fairmont hotels to be the most specific with their green actions and attitudes, both as a corporation and with each hotel. But for some reason somewhere along the line they sterilized their approach and surfers can no longer see exactly what each hotel does toward its green actions. What a shame. What a disservice to their guests.
Many green hotel chains or management companies boldly state what their environmental policies are but don’t advertise what each property does specifically. I know from experience that not all policies are adopted by all hotels. In my opinion telling specifically what you do to care for the environment is a vital step in being a green hotel, green restaurant, green cruise ship, green golf course or ski slope, or a green spa.
When Marriott’s green policies page goes up that chain will take a huge step forward in being a truly green hotel chain. And when the individual hotels’ post their specific green actions Marriott will take the lead in being the world’s greenest hotel company. Stating your green policies is important, but acting on them is even more important. Adopting more than the low-hanging-fruit green actions is important for truly being environmentally friendly.
Will Marriott step up to the plate solidly in being a green corporation and make hard environmental choices and decisions? They do a decent job now. I expect when they hold their values up for the entire world to see they will also bolster their green actions and lead the way to a greener attitude in the hospitality industry.