Paradise Found in Bali

The Island of the Gods, or Bali, is an ideal vacation destination and has earned its nickname as one of the most popular paradise locations in the world. World class surfing and diving are available for you to enjoy, but you'll miss much of the magic of the island if you don't visit the villages and towns that are more rural. Learning more about the people and how they live can help you to appreciate this island even more. One village that you want be sure to visit is Melayang because it'll give you unique views of paradise.

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The Leadership of Hotel Sustainability

Ralph Waldo Emerson expresses, in his essay Self-Reliance, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." Maybe. But, when it comes to hotel operations I feel inconsistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. In other words, inconsistent staff behavior is troublesome for guests, vendors and staff alike. Green initiatives, or sustainability programs, seem to be the most obvious outlet for inconsistent behavior. And that inconsistency hurts hotels.

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Green Travel Fun in Ouray, Colorado

One of the most beautiful places in the world to visit is remote Ouray, Colorado. Ouray is like a little piece of the Swiss Alps transplanted into southwestern Colorado. Full of local, independently owned businesses and numerous outdoor activities, Ouray is a great vacation destination.

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Hamburg and Zwei Eichen B&B For A Greener Holiday

Hamburg, Germany, the second largest city in Germany, offers "it all" for travelers, whether you are single, a couple, or a family. From museums to shopping to art galleries to historical sites and sightseeing, you will find something to fit your wants and needs, as far as visiting this vibrant city is concerned. Additionally, you can learn more about being eco-friendly with tours of the green initiatives Hamburg is known for. Before you begin planning your activities, however, you will first want to find an eco-friendly home base for your visiting.

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Clean Air and Air Purifiers For Guest Relief?

If you've been reading my articles for long you know I believe indoor air quality tends to be bad. And it concerns me for everyone within the walls of your hotel. So many issues conspire to make the air quality within your hotel worse than outdoor air quality.

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Green Carpet Padding

Carpet and carpet padding are omnipresent in the hospitality industry. Anywhere people put their feet, from hotel lobbies to guest rooms to convention centers and restaurants, there's carpet. Unfortunately, this industry contributes to a huge burden on our landfills and solid-waste disposal systems, as somewhere around 4 billion pounds of carpet and padding land there in the US alone.

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How To Keep Your Sustainability Score

This is the last article of a four-part article series that will explore how sustainable development can and will impact your operations--especially in light of evolving consumer trends, regulations and new technological developments on a national and global level. Written by Brita Moosman and Kit Cassingham.

The previous two parts of the Global Insights series on sustainable development as a profit partner dealt more with the implementation and identification of sustainable principles in rooms/facility management and in the areas of food and beverage, meetings and events. The goal of this final article is to establish a methodology to help you with the measurement of sustainable development at your organization, so that you can be one of the first out of the block when the down economy starts to revive. This will serve as a basis to report on your efforts as well as to become better and more profitable for all three areas: environmental, social and in economic value creation.

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